• Docking System

    At the office, power outlets are almost never within reach. Often you will have to duck beneath your desk to reach for an available outlet. The PowerCube Extended versions all come with a unique docking system, enabling you to mount the PowerCube on your desk or underneath it so that you can charge your notebook and smartphone right from your desktop.

  • Removable Tape

    The docking station that comes with every PowerCube Extended also comes with 2 pieces of double-sided adhesive tape for secure adhesion. Whenever you decide to remove it, simply pull the tabs - it leaves no traces on the surface when removed.

  • Dual-USB Charging

    Easily charge your devices simultaneously via 2 high-powered dual USB ports (dedicated 2.1A). Due to its high power output, charging times will be shorter than charging via a USB port on your notebook.

  • No Blockage

    Unfortunately, most of our technological accessories come with bulky adaptors that cover adjacent sockets, wasting an entire outlet, but our uniquely designed PowerCubes avoids outlet blockage, keeping things easy and efficient.

  • Modular Power

    The modular system of the PowerCube allows for cubes to be stacked to accommodate your desired amount of power and USB outlets, creating a tailored source of power.


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